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Looking to buy? Visit our sales site
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Whatever your event is, we have Silent Headphone hire solution that will make it a reality
No matter what your event, we can help you use our Silent Disco Hire Headphones and Transmitters to make the most of it. We’ve enabled the greatest of events…
Our headphones have delivered audio at the greatest of festivals – Glastonbury, Lowlands, Boardmasters and Reading and Leads.
We’ve also used headphones for food and drink tasting in breweries and restaurants. Don’t believe us? The Guardian covered it.
Artist Harry Dagg created musical gates at Rochester Independent College and our Silent Disco system was the perfect way for the crowd to hear the music being played.
And not only that, our headphones have also travelled the world to be at album playback events with top-secret international artists.
Whether you're hosting a party, a wedding, a festival or a top-secret event, our experienced team can help you with the kit to make it happen.
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