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With flashing LED lights, this is the ultimate Silent Disco headphone available for hire
Harry headphones have entertained crowds at all the big festivals – 20,000 headsets at Boardmasters and 22,000 at Lowlands in the Netherlands! Harry has also appeared on TV shows including Big Brother and Cold Feet so he’s a little star in more ways than one
3 Channels of music
Something for everyone to raise their hands or shuffle their feet to.
Up to 12h battery life
Stress-free parties or go through ‘til sunrise with confidence!
Premium quality sound
Harry delivers premium high quality sound to your guests.
Cool LED lights!
Light up the dancefloor with the glow from Harry
Harry parties on the streets of Edinburgh, keeps fit in gyms and relaxes at the drive–in cinema with Johnny Depp
Designed for comfort in any situation, Harry’s superb sound quality makes him a versatile performer.
LED flashing lights
Bright and enthusiastic lights flash to the beat of the music, turning your venue into a sea of light.
Crystal clear sound quality
Stay in the zone as Harry automatically reduces background noise. Hear the audio as it was intended - perfectly.
Rechargeable batteries
Our batteries last up to 12 hours with the lights flashing. No need to remove or replace. Put your screwdriver away.
Channel indicator
Show the room which of 3 sources you’re moving or listening to, if the singing doesn’t give it away. Don’t sing at conferences or the cinema though. You’ll look weird.
Superior comfort
Designed with your comfort in mind, Harry is cozy on heads of any size with ultra-soft earpads. Ideal for kids to your sofa-headed mate.
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A transmitter for every event - portable, high quality or long reach.
Donkey is the trustworthy transmitter at the heart of your system. Choose a channel to transmit on, and Donkey will carry your music to thousands of headphones. Donkey comes with all the power and audio cables you need to connect to DJ’s, Laptops, MP3 players, phones, DVD players and everything you need.
Mains or battery
The Falcon is a powerful rechargeable transmitter, designed in-house and built to the highest standards. The Falcon has an RCA/Phono input for music, as well as a 3.5mm jack for a microphone. Connect a microphone directly to the transmitter, so you can talk to your audience - without needing a mixer!
The Parakeet is a belt pack transmitter that allows you to plug in your trusty mp3 player as well as a microphone to speak and play audio simultaneously. Transmit over four channels Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. The Parakeet will carry your voice and music to anybody in a 50m radius.
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