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Looking to buy? Visit our sales site
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Dry Hire Headphones - The DIY Option
We make everything easy for you. Ordering is a doddle

1 Order

Select the number of headphones you’ll need.

2 Payment

Pay securely through the website, over the phone, by bank transfer or Paypal.

3 Delivery

Everything you need will arrive at a time that works for you.

4 The Event

Plug in your phone, iPod, tablet, mic or DJ mixer. You’ll need one music source per channel. No tricky set up, just plug in and get started.

5 Collection

Pack up the equipment in the storage boxes and we’ll collect from you.

6 Repeat

See point 1.

Call our clever team if you have any questions. They can help you through the process, whatever your event.
Complete Event packages
Want a Silent Disco but just don’t know how to do it? Not a problem. We've got you.
We can have an expert technician on site to set-up and support your event and have the excellent Silent Disco King Team distribute and collect all the headphones. They’ll take the stress out of the event so all you have to do is turn up.
We can also provide DJs, kit, lights, PA systems and mp3 players preloaded with playlists. Our years of doing this mean we have everything covered.
Contact our fantastic team who can create a package just for you and be a shoulder to cry on if it’s all got just a bit too much.
If you can't find what you are looking for give our team a call 0207 0603 653 or email us