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The drama of real life can now be blocked out so you can enjoy the action on the screen.
Your neighbours won't hear a thing, even when you show films outdoors at night. You won’t have to face the horror of an angry knocking on the door.
We provided the epic wireless solution for the huge Cineramageddon at Glastonbury Festival - a ‘drive-in’ auditorium featuring seventy vintage cars and a Lear jet… obviously. Johnny Depp even stopped by.
Did we mention we have the UK’s only stock of wireless speakers, perfect for Drive-in cinemas? Well, we do - contact us for our unique solutions.
We also rule the waves. Many cruise liners use our headphones for their outside screens to remove the noise of nearby guests in the swimming pool. The heavy petting still goes on though.
Our brief was to provide the wireless solution for Glastonbury Festival’s 4 day long ‘Cineramageddon’, a post apocalyptic drive-in cinema in the heart of the Somerset countryside.

The mission

The mission was to provide crystal clear audio to all the cinema goers, either via our clever headphones or special in-car speakers in the modified vintage cars within the auditorium.

Our solution

Our solution to deliver the drive in cinema experience to each car was to use our speakers coupled with receivers. The transmitter broadcast to the Harry headphones and speakers simultaneously with zero delay.
The biggest cinema screen in Britain towered above the site, drawing in thousands of festival goers of all ages... It also helped that Johnny Depp was there.